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Mauways Nursery was established back in 1994 by Maureen and Wayne as a small nursery growing a few hundred plants to now where we grow 1000's of  plants for sale at any one time, in other words it was a hobby that has now grown. We employ 2 full time staff and 1 part time, who work in the nursery and in the gardens weeding and maintaining the gardens.

Donna works in the potting shed and in propagation, she also helps run the nursery and comes to us with a lot of knowledge from working for other nurseries

Our gardens are open to the public to come and view.

We have tried to name all our plants in the garden for easy recognition for the customers.

We also offer garden Groups morning or afternoon tea with home baking and a chance to wander the gardens in spring, summer and into autumn. So give us a ring to book tea and scones with jam and cream, slices and savouries YUM! etc.  So please ring us to make a booking. Ring on 06 3229863 or email we would love to have you.
  We harvest a lot of the material from our gardens for propagation in the nursery to provide stock for sale to the general public.

We also do something a little different with our plants in that we travel to markets through the lower half of the North Island.  A lot of our plants are also sold via on line sales through the website and we now have customers from the top of the Nth Island to the bottom of the Sth Island. What you see on the website is what is available, if you don't see something you are after, please feel free to ask if we grow it and when it will be available.

With our web site our aim is to have a photo of each plant we sell so you the gardener can see what the plant looks like when flowering etc.

So welcome to the Mauways web site. I hope you enjoy looking around on the web pages to see what we have available. 


OUR MOTTO IS: We Grow Them Tough!!

Happy gardening.

Tania and Gary(Owners) and Donna

Phone (06) 322-9863 email