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A bit about Compost...


You could just make a pile of your compostable waste in a corner of the garden, but in a open heap the edges dry out and you would need to turn the heap twice, to move the outside into the middle of the stack, so that all the material can break down.

There are a number of compost containers that can be bought ready made, just make sure it has connection to the soil in the bottom so that any excess fluid can escape and bugs can move from the soil into your compost. There also need to be some air holes to provide oxygen for the decomposition process.

Start a new compost pile with some coarse material like thin branches or stiff prunings of perennials to make sure good aeration starts right at the bottom. In general, anything organic can be composted and this includes grass clippings if they are mixed with some coarser material to allow airflow (otherwise grass clippings can go slimy). Kitchen scraps can be included into your compost too.

Avoid putting the roots of your nasty weeds such as couch, oxalis, onion weed and other undesirable weed into the compost heap.
Your compost pile needs to be moist at all times but not soggy. In the winter it pays to cover your pile so the rain can run off, but in the summer you are generally better to keep it open unless a lot of wet material is added. During dry spells you might even need to put some water on your compost to get the best results. Also sprinkling of lime every 30-50 cm helps to neutralise the acidity and keep your compost "sweet".