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Perennials & Shrubs

A bit about perennials and shrubs...




Perennials are really nice the first 3-4 years, but...
They will need to have something to done to them after that period of time and even sooner with some varieties and that the plant has become too densely clumped and needs lifting and dividing thus giving you more plants for your gardens or friends and it gives the plant a new lease on life I think lifting every 2 to 3 years and dividing is the way to go.

Feeding your perennials
Herbaceous Perennials need feeding as far as I am concerned twice a year with a good general fertiliser and fast types can even benefit from a liquid foliage feed as well Prune back and dead head on a regularly your perennials and Roses as this will help to stimulate fresh flowering and it also gives you the chance to removed any dead an diseased material from the plant.

Shrubs usually require a yearly prune and tidy up But if you choose wisely you can select from deciduous to evergreen shrubs with attractive foliage as well as flowers bark etc. etc. and under plant with your perennials will give you a garden for most of the season of the year. Always look for information on the plants you are wanting to buy and plant in your gardens before buying so as to be sure that they will grow in your region so as not to be let down. Autumn to spring is the BEST TIME FOR PLANTING YOUR NEW PLANTS When planting give the plant a light prune remove unnecessary flowers and leave only buds tease out the root ball and place fertiliser in the hole that is suitable to that particular plant and mix with dirt then plant the plant and enjoy.